Antonio Del Mastro, Esq.

Antonio Del Mastro is the team’s legal specialist and general counsel. A graduate of Tufts University (BA) and Northeastern University (JD), he has over seven years in practice, primarily in the areas of corporate law, business formation, acquisition and operation, intellectual property, contract matters and litigation. Antonio’s practice also provides legal support in the areas of general business, contract, and corporate negotiation consulting services.

Zemo Zheng

Zemo has 8 years of creative directing experience in digital asset creation and management, including fine art, photography and creative designs. Zemo has been published in multiple recognized magazines and publications, including Vogue Italia, Ellements, Movier, and LA Voyage. Over the years, Zemo has helped execute hundreds of independent projects from creative ideation to full marketing implementation, working with many emerging talents ranging from artists and designers, to musicians and actors. By working closely with several agencies and showrooms, such as PRbPR, Basic Magazine, and Magnet Media, Zemo has facilitated the successful launch of several brands through utilizing appropriate distribution channels and marketing techniques.

Coltin Urro

Coltin is a multidisciplinary design consultant and product engineer with 4 years spent in large scale project management, having worked with major corporations such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, Bloomingdales and Equinox, as well as many other privately owned brands. Before designing products for the retail industry, he worked as a graphic designer for Instrumentation Laboratories, creating materials for professionals in healthcare. He was first introduced to crypto in 2016 and NFT technology in 2019. He is an expert in three dimensional modeling and CGI animation. He brings his skills as a branding specialist and designer, molding ACRE’s frontend.