Richard Lin

Richard is our software engineer working specifically on the front end. He has worked for multiple startups and currently works for Oracle. Richard has been involved and delivered several large scale products includes some AI-related products and a SMS A/B Test platform. With solid knowledge and profound experience of software engineering. Richard is also an alumni of Northeastern University with a master degree in computer engineering.

Elugam "Sid" Sudhiswar

Elugam(Sid) is an experienced full stack software engineer who spent more than three years working on developing cloud applications for Siemens. He is insight into the use of Mongodb, AWS, Openshift, Kubernetes and many other systems.
Sid is also an expert in designing DAOs and developing Dapps. He won the Tezos Dao Hackathon on gitcoin recently and has been a great contribution to chainlink through the years. His expertise in web3 development to help ACRE clears all the obstacles on its way to true decentralization

John Ho

John is a full-stack software engineer with over a decade of experience in building web applications, from project conception and planning to launch. He has extensive knowledge of the entire software development life cycle and has served as team lead on multiple projects through the Scrum methodology. Currently at Atlas5D, a health and wellness startup. A software enthusiast, John likes to stay at the forefront of web development with his last two major projects built with React and Node.js, but previous frameworks used include a mix of Java, Spring, Google Web Toolkit, and even going so far as Flash back when it was the dominant technology used for a rich user experience on the web.

Gary Xue

Gary is our core blockchain developer. He previously worked in IT consultancy at State Street and JP Morgan and holds a masters degree from Boston University in computer science with a focus in cryptography. First exposed to Bitcoin back in 2013, Gary has been involved in multiple industry development areas ever since, such as mining, decentralized data storage, and many DeFi projects. In 2017, he onboarded BlockArk, a blockchain media incubator based in Shenzhen. He played a key role in development as well as promoting the network, the success of which led him to find firm ground in blockchain development.

Chuan Ding

Chuan is an incredibly talented data scientist that has designed multiple relational databases with millions of records, previously a Machine Learning Engineer at the famed Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, MIT-Broad Foundry. He developed the CNN neural network model implemented in Python using the Lasagne library with images as input to extract high-level features from the neighboring positions and created an image-analyzing program that helped identify useful biological reactions in an emulsion droplet with a size of only 10 microns. Colleagues are still praising his legendary scripts that automatically retrieve a large amount of data from NCBI as of this day.

Daniel Pimentel

Daniel serves as our technical lead, and has over a decade of experience working with enterprise level applications. He has held key roles in development at major financial institutions such as John Hancock and Eastern Bank currently working at Carrier as a tech lead in the supply chain IoT division. Daniel’s experience encompasses the entire spectrum of the software development life cycle – planning, defining requirements, design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance, as well as provisioning the mediums on which the software will exist – cloud, on-premise, etc. An experienced full stack developer and team leader, who knows how to navigate all internal and external business and organizational units.

Bruce Hang

Bruce is a mathematician, full stack engineer, and an experienced project manager. He has in-depth knowledge in cryptography, algorithmic efficiency and system design. Bruce has experience leading project development through his time in Microsoft Asia, ZTE China, and at Apple, where he helped design their HomeKit platform. He is currently conducting research for MIT’s Sloan School of Management, solving challenging machine learning problems. Bruce has a Bachelor’s degree in network engineering from Beijing University and a Masters degree in Computer science from MIT. He also won first prize in China’s undergraduate mathematical contest in 2015.