Rocky Lin

Rocky has been an experienced operator in the blockchain industry for 7 years. He previously ventured in multiple early stage projects including The DAO, EOS, Stellar, and Expanse. He was an early member of the storied MIT Bitcoin club as well as founder of the Emporia project that integrated international raw material trading using smart contracts, a priority project in the Qianhai government incubator. A graduate in blockchain technology management from the MIT Sloan School of Management, he is young and driven in the industry and constantly enlightening like-minded spirits with his passion for blockchain. A standout athlete in Track & Field, and combat sports, you can usually find him taking his dog out for a long run or jumping in the ocean for a winter swim at the sunrise. 

Kevin Dela Roca

Kevin offers the project over 10 years of cryptocurrency market experience as well as a graduate degree education from Harvard University in bioengineering and nanotechnology. This background  provides not only knowledge, but the cultivation of a variety of different analytical skills in both fintech and medical science that range from developing strategies for automated cryptocurrency trading to conducting first-hand research on COVID-19 for Pfizer. These experiences have led to the development of a passion for the pursuit of innovation with a vision focused on solutions using futuristic technology. He aims to contribute to the inevitable cryptocurrency paradigm shift by bringing the use and understanding of the benefits that blockchain has to offer to a wider audience. With a successful track record of lucrative cryptocurrency investment and a passion for education, Kevin has been able to educate and guide individuals to develop skills necessary for building wealth. His early involvement in the crypto space provides him with a unique advantage of seeing the industry evolve from its early infancy into the growing global phenomenon that it has become today.

Max Morgan

With over 10 years experience in finance, entrepreneurship and business development, Max is a seasoned player in the game of innovation and transformation of traditional business and financial models connected to new markets through inventive thinking and leadership. Passionate about bringing new concepts and ideas to life through the development of real world use cases that solve modern problems, while applying traditional business values gained through a variety of senior and leadership roles in banking and fintech, as well as outside business ventures.

Jovanni Zhang

15 years of entrepreneurial experience, including 7 years as CEO in the medical device field, 3 years as an e-commerce co-founder, 5 years as the co-founder of a global franchise business. Expert in development and M&A with multiple ventures successfully acquired. Expert in business strategy. A visionary and futurist, Jovanni's experience will procure a smooth transition for real-life projects entering the blockchain space.